Standard 10: Professional and Ethical Behavior


The teacher demonstrates the highest standard of legal, moral, and ethical conduct as specified in Utah State Board Rule R277-515.

As a Special Education professional, I will be responsible for complying with 

many different rules, regulations, and laws.  There will be federal, state, district, and 

school policies that I will be held accountable for.  Nothing has prepared me for this 

better than my undergraduate Art History studies.  As a student of Art History, I 

developed research skills that taught me to find, evaluate, and utilize information from a 

wide variety of sources.  Those skills have become essential for me as I tackle the 

complicated world of Special Education law.  I will continue to draw upon these skills as I 

research, organize, and implement the requirements in my future teaching posts.  I will 

never be able to memorize every rule, regulation, or law but I will need to be able to 

efficiently reference and cross-­reference a large body of information related to Special 

Education in order to do my job effectively.

In creating this online portfolio, I have become deeply familiar with the Utah 

Effective Teaching standards.  My portfolio shows how I have reflected on each 

standard and connected them to my own practice.  My mid­term and final evaluations 

for student teaching were also conducted using these standards.  I have greatly

benefited from having my practice evaluated by experienced educators using these 

guidelines.  The use of these standards has bridged the gap between the academic 

study of pedagogy and the professional role and responsibilities of practicing educators.