Standard 6: Instructional Planning

The teacher plans instruction to support students in meeting rigorous learning goals by drawing up knowledge of content areas, the Utah Core Standards, instructional best practices, and the community context.


In addition to planning instruction based on the Utah Core Standards, I have also

designed instruction to prepare students for the Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate

Assessment.  The individual standards in this system are known as the Essential

Elements.  This system is in its first official year as a testing system.  Working 

closely with my mentor teacher, I selected Essential Elements to target with my 

lesson plans.

I created a unit on animals that targeted EE.SL.9­10.1: Engage in

collaborative discussions.  I chose this element based off my initial observations 

of the functional skills class.  Whole class instruction is not a primary focus of the 

program.  However, I wanted to create opportunities for collaboration to prepare 

students for future employment and other situations when they would need to 

use these skills.      

In order to create learning experiences that were relevant for the students in my 

functional skills student teaching placement, I visited the post-high program for the 

district.  I interviewed the principal and took a tour.  I was particularly interested in 

knowing what skills and knowledge she expects students to have when they enter the 

program.  I found out that she has very high behavior expectations for students and 

expects them to know what professional, job-­ready behavior looks like.  I took this 

knowledge back to my teaching placement and adapted my classroom management 

system to better prepare students for post-high.  For the behavior expectations, I 

instructed both functional skills students and peer tutors in professional behavior.  The 

expectation was created that both parties were to collaborate like coworkers.