Websites From Student Teaching: Resource English



For the class I taught for students in the functional skills classroom, my mentor and I used this site so that sight words could be presented orally, visually and with ASL.


The website provides students with the opportunity to practice independently. They use this website during the last five to ten minutes of class.


The class I student taught in used the Language! curriculum. Initially, I found the pacing challenging but really came to appreciate this curriculum. I really like the content and how it is interconnected and progresses.

Bullet Journal

I am a huge fan of this organizational system. It is the inspiration for my daily teaching planner. I will continue to use this system and refine it at my future teaching jobs.

Super Duper Publications

I love the products from this company because many of them target verbal expression. I've used their products both as integrated parts of my lessons and as quick but meaningful transition activities.

Resources From Student Teaching


My mentor teacher uses this system to provide leveled reading instruction for the students. In addition to providing informational texts on different levels, the program also includes audio, text highlighting and video.

CNN Student News

This site provides daily ten minute news clips. I like how it focuses on international news as well as national stories. In our class, we watch the new once a week before students work on individual goals.

Google Earth

This has been a huge hit with the students. I often refer to it for news or science topics. I like how it activates students' background knowledge and allows us to anchor topics in a meaningful context.


I found this site when my mentor asked me to cover topics using a multimedia approach. I think this site is a reliable place to get good quality videos that can enhance lessons on a variety of topics.

Utah Independent Living Center

In order to help facilitate the transition process for her students, my mentor has a representative from the UILC teach a class once a week. Along with the students, I have also learned a great deal from the weekly class about resources available in Utah.

Vocational Rehab

Another resource that my mentor has brought to her students is through the state Voc Rehab Services. This department will be sending a representative to her classroom for ten weeks to teach a job skills curriculum.

Inspirations For Meaningful Instruction

Disability In Kidlit

A fast growing website having an important conversation about individuals with disabilities in young adult and children's literature.

United Nations Enable

International Day of Persons with Disabilities is December 3rd. This page from the United Nations contains information about past and upcoming themes as well as links to other related events.

Jenny Hatch Justice Project

Jenny Hatch's story lends critical perspective to the importance of autonomy and self advocacy skills which should be at the heart of meaningful instruction.

Stop Hurting Kids

A timely issue that new and current special educators should be knowledgeable about. Meaningful instruction cannot occur for students who are being restrained or secluded in school. 

Think College!

Meaningful instruction should lead to a broad range of outcome for individuals with disabilities. Organizations like this provide information and resources on higher education options.

The IRIS Center

A foundation of meaningful instruction should be instructors who are willing to develop professionally and the IRIS Center provides online tools to help SPED education professionals grow.

News 2 You

Current and relevant content is an essential part of meaningful instruction. News 2 You provides differentiated news content that can provide a wide range of students with meaningful news and culture.

Utah Transitions

This website is for educators, parents and students to find information about transition resources. Created by a Utah educator, it provides a lot of information of particular interest to Utah residents. I really like the profiles she creates on Utah transition specialists. 

The Association of People Supporting EmploymentFirst is an advocacy and education group. Their mission is to further career development and economic independence of person with disabilities. Their website has a lot of information and they have developed a Certified Employment Support Professional certification program. 

This website is a new SPED teachers' best friend. It provides clear information on creating instructional programs and most importantly, meaningful goals for students. It is a great place to go when you need help with some of the more technical aspects of formulating programs. You will find yourself asking it questions at 3 am when you've been up too late pondering motor tasks.

One of the best ways to help students gain job experience is to make it economically viable. It's a common misconceptions that individuals with disabilities risk losing valuable state and federal services if they enter the workforce. To find out what options are available, the best place to go is the Social Security Administration website.

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated one billion people worldwide live with some form of disability. About 80% of those live in developing countries. In order to learn more about global issues for individuals with disabilities and to learn about the international day of persons with disabilities, the United Nations is a great place to start.

Last Summer Class!

Everyone needs a good summary! Anyone seeking to learn more about IDEA and various services for disabilities will love this link: Nichcy PS This site is soon going away so be sure to update your bookmarks to their new website.

Sometimes low-tech is best. Highlighters, word cards and pencil grips may not seem like the most advanced solution to help a child with a learning disability. Sometimes they can be just what a child needs to be successful in the classroom. Check out these other assistive technology ideas at this website: NCLD


SERGE is the Special Education Resources for General Educators website. It provides links upon links designed to educate gen ed teachers about their part in providing services for students covered by IDEA.

Here are some highlights:

  • General educators must participate on IEP boards. The links provided here have great strategies for being an effective member of the team.
  • Co-teaching can be intimidating for teachers who haven't done it before. The link will connect you with resources from organization like the NEA.
  • A team of teachers, administrators and professionals contribute to fostering a constructive environment for students with disabilities. As a general educator you may have many questions about how and by whom your students' progress is being monitored. Take a look at these links to get started.

Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol

Classroom teachers need tools to help EL's succeed in their gen ed rooms without solely relying on pullout instruction. The SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) provides a method so that students can work with peers while learning English. SIOP focuses on building vocabulary and comprehension while students work on grade-appropriate material.


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