Utah Transitions


This website is for educators, parents and students to find information about transition resources. Created by a Utah educator, it provides a lot of information of particular interest to Utah residents. I really like the profiles she creates on Utah transition specialists.


The Association of People Supporting EmploymentFirst is an advocacy and education group. Their mission is to further career development and economic independence of person with disabilities. Their website has a lot of information and they have developed a Certified Employment Support Professional certification program.


This website is a new SPED teachers' best friend. It provides clear information on creating instructional programs and most importantly, meaningful goals for students. It is a great place to go when you need help with some of the more technical aspects of formulating programs. You will find yourself asking it questions at 3 am when you've been up too late pondering motor tasks.


One of the best ways to help students gain job experience is to make it economically viable. It's a common misconceptions that individuals with disabilities risk losing valuable state and federal services if they enter the workforce. To find out what options are available, the best place to go is the Social Security Administration website.


According to the World Health Organization, an estimated one billion people worldwide live with some form of disability. About 80% of those live in developing countries. In order to learn more about global issues for individuals with disabilities and to learn about the international day of persons with disabilities, the United Nations is a great place to start.