Resources From Student Teaching


My mentor teacher uses this system to provide leveled reading instruction for the students. In addition to providing informational texts on different levels, the program also includes audio, text highlighting and video.

CNN Student News

This site provides daily ten minute news clips. I like how it focuses on international news as well as national stories. In our class, we watch the new once a week before students work on individual goals.

Google Earth

This has been a huge hit with the students. I often refer to it for news or science topics. I like how it activates students' background knowledge and allows us to anchor topics in a meaningful context.


I found this site when my mentor asked me to cover topics using a multimedia approach. I think this site is a reliable place to get good quality videos that can enhance lessons on a variety of topics.

Utah Independent Living Center

In order to help facilitate the transition process for her students, my mentor has a representative from the UILC teach a class once a week. Along with the students, I have also learned a great deal from the weekly class about resources available in Utah.

Vocational Rehab

Another resource that my mentor has brought to her students is through the state Voc Rehab Services. This department will be sending a representative to her classroom for ten weeks to teach a job skills curriculum.