Websites From Student Teaching: Resource English



For the class I taught for students in the functional skills classroom, my mentor and I used this site so that sight words could be presented orally, visually and with ASL.


The website provides students with the opportunity to practice independently. They use this website during the last five to ten minutes of class.


The class I student taught in used the Language! curriculum. Initially, I found the pacing challenging but really came to appreciate this curriculum. I really like the content and how it is interconnected and progresses.

Bullet Journal

I am a huge fan of this organizational system. It is the inspiration for my daily teaching planner. I will continue to use this system and refine it at my future teaching jobs.

Super Duper Publications

I love the products from this company because many of them target verbal expression. I've used their products both as integrated parts of my lessons and as quick but meaningful transition activities.