Inspirations For Meaningful Instruction

Disability In Kidlit

A fast growing website having an important conversation about individuals with disabilities in young adult and children's literature.

United Nations Enable

International Day of Persons with Disabilities is December 3rd. This page from the United Nations contains information about past and upcoming themes as well as links to other related events.

Jenny Hatch Justice Project

Jenny Hatch's story lends critical perspective to the importance of autonomy and self advocacy skills which should be at the heart of meaningful instruction.

Stop Hurting Kids

A timely issue that new and current special educators should be knowledgeable about. Meaningful instruction cannot occur for students who are being restrained or secluded in school. 

Think College!

Meaningful instruction should lead to a broad range of outcome for individuals with disabilities. Organizations like this provide information and resources on higher education options.

The IRIS Center

A foundation of meaningful instruction should be instructors who are willing to develop professionally and the IRIS Center provides online tools to help SPED education professionals grow.

News 2 You

Current and relevant content is an essential part of meaningful instruction. News 2 You provides differentiated news content that can provide a wide range of students with meaningful news and culture.